OpenPonk modeling platform


OpenPonk is a metamodeling platform and a modeling workbench implemented in the dynamic environment Pharo aimed at supporting activities surrounding software and business engineering such as modeling, execution, simulation, source code generation, etc.

Workshop Paper

IWST‘16 Workshop paper: openponk_iwst16.pdf


Showcase video for ESUG 2016 conference


You can download preinstalled builds for each supported notation.

Download Matrix
Build Version Windows Linux 32b Linux 64b 32b image 64b image
All in One N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
UML CD + OntoUML 1.x download download   download  
BORM ORD 0.9.0 download download   download  
FSM beta download download download download download
Petri Nets beta download download download download download
DEMO (WIP) alpha download download   download  
  • All in One – All notations in one image
  • UML Class Diagrams with semi-complete UML 2.5 metamodel and XMI support
  • OntoUML
  • FSM - Finite State Machines
  • Petri nets - PT Petri nets with arc weights and inhibitor and reset arcs
  • BORM ORD — Business Objects Relation Modeling Object-Relation Diagrams

Direct installation

To install OpenPonk with all default plugins to an existing image, use the following snippet:

Metacello new
     baseline: 'OpenPonk';
     repository: 'github://openponk/openponk/repository';
     load: 'complete'


The downloaded package contains with additional instructions, however on properly configured system launching (Linux) or Pharo.exe (Windows) should be sufficient.

Once launched, clicking on the desktop will show a menu containing entries for OpenPonk.


On Windows or with 64b OpenPonk, you should not need any additional prerequisities.

32b OpenPonk on Linux may require extra configuration. Please refer to Pharo’s [official guide](

Additionally you will require 32bit cairo2 library, usually available in distribution package managers as libcairo2:i386 (debian), libcairo2, etc.

The bundled launcher will check those requirements and will warn you and provide some tips if your system is not configured properly.


Centre For Conceptual Modeling and Implementation (CCMi):





OpenPonk is a registered Elixir CZ tool

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